From Concept to Reality

Explore Shubankhar Shanware's essential role at Delta Life Science as an Assembly, Integration & Testing Engineer. Learn how his dedication to testing and validating medical devices ensures high-quality standards and contributes to a supportive and innovative work environment.

Shubhankar’s Impact at Delta Life Science

Did you know that Assembly Integration & Testing (AIT) is crucial for ensuring the reliability and performance of life sciences innovations? This meticulous process involves testing and validating each component of a device to identify and fix risks early, saving time and resources. This ensures that the products meet the highest quality standards before reaching the market. At Delta Life Science, this essential work is carried out in a dedicated lab. Shubhankar Shanware, an Assembly, Integration & Testing engineer with a Master of Science degree from the University of Groningen, is responsible for maintaining the equipment and ensuring smooth operations.

A Day in the Life

If you’re looking for Shubhankar, you can always find him amidst the hustle and bustle of the Delta Life Science offices and labs. “The minute I enter the office, there are always people ready with maintenance requests for me,” he explains. His role involves managing the in-house lab system, providing technical support for equipment , customer support for client companies, and assisting his colleagues in various ways, making him a central figure in the lab’s daily activities. “I walk around the company a lot. I’m always getting my steps in!” he jokes, highlighting the dynamic nature of his role. However, helping his colleagues is only part of what he does. He is also involved in the verification and validation procedures, including writing protocols. “It’s a key phase in product development  and necessary for adhering to quality standards,” he emphasizes.

Cultural Integration and Team Spirit

Delta Life Science prides itself on a culture of trust, honesty, open-mindedness, and respect. Shubhankar’s experiences reflect these values. “One thing I really like is the encouragement and positivity of my colleagues,” he says. Positive feedback and the implementation of his suggestions make him feel valued and heard.

Social gatherings and cultural celebrations, such as the Persian New Year, help build a community. Shubhankar recalls, “During our last gathering, we enjoyed African food, and seeing everyone open up outside of work was wonderful.” These opportunities for connection contribute to the supportive environment at Delta Life Science.

Future Aspirations

“Looking ahead, Shubhankar is focused on successfully launching the first product of the InQuiQ series. He hopes for a successful launch at the end of June. After that, the immediate focus will be on the next version,” he says. His enthusiasm for his role and the company’s vision is evident.

Core Values in Action

Shubhankar’s experiences at Delta Life Science exemplify its dedication to its core values. Trust, honesty, open-mindedness, and respect are not just principles but are actively practiced. “I appreciate that everyone here is a foodie and shares their own culture with the company,” he says, emphasizing the inclusive and diverse environment. As an assembly integration testing engineer, Shubhankar plays a crucial role in developing and validating groundbreaking biosensing technology, all while being part of a team that feels like family. He concludes, “At Delta Life Science, we are more than just colleagues; we share meals, celebrate each other’s cultures, and work together to create products that make a difference.”