Navigating Innovation

Kiran Dellimore’s Role at Delta Life Science

Imagine Einstein in his workspace, all by himself, dreaming, creating, and building all types of innovations. Thanks to his work, we have Google Maps and lasers. Nowadays, innovation is more essential than ever and is going much faster than before. That’s why having a team is necessary. Fortunately, at Delta Life Science, there is no need to innovate slowly or without others. In fact, with the introduction of InQuiQ, the whole company has demonstrated its commitment to accelerating biosensing by working together. 

More than a Senior System Engineer

One of those dedicated employees is Kiran Dellimore, who was originally an aerospace engineer. His official title is Senior System Engineer, but he does much more than that. He is also an R&D team lead, interim SW team people manager, and intellectual property manager. No worries; despite his busy work schedule, he still finds time to go trail running and to write and publish books.

Kiran wears many hats, demonstrating the importance of flexibility in fostering innovation. In a scale-up company, things can be pretty hectic. Still, the upside is that you have the autonomy to choose and decide on much of your work, allowing you to create the most impact and value. This is why Kiran’s workdays are never typical. “One of the defining characteristics of my job is that there is never a dull day,” Kiran says.

Name Changes

Responsible for the management of the intellectual property at Delta, Kiran was naturally involved in the company’s recent rebranding processes. He reviewed the trademarking requirements as Delta Diagnostics was quickly evolving and near-ready for its first product launch. Kiran explains: “We initially named our device the ‘Delta One.’ However, I noted that the name Delta One was quite common,” he explains. After consultations with attorneys and a branding company, they settled on the name InQuiQ for their first product line. “It took us about two and a half to three weeks, and it’s now trademarked,” he says.

And that’s not all. The scale-up also changed its name from Delta Diagnostics to Delta Life Science. According to Kiran, the reason for that was simple: “We don’t do diagnostics. We create research equipment for the Life Sciences industry. So it made sense to change our company name and find a more unique product line name.”

Proud Moments and Future Goals

As for his other roles, Kiran is incredibly proud of his team’s growth and the structured processes they have implemented. “For example, we adapted some of the processes they use at NASA for Delta Life Science to ensure we are working and making decisions efficiently,” he shares. His contributions have provided significant structure, especially in defining the InQuiQ project SW team’s minimum viable product (MVP). Their joint goal is to successfully launch InQuiQ at the end of June. Kiran is already planning the next steps for the second- and third-generation products.

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