Shaping the Future with Fluidity

Follow Amirhossein Eghbalmanesh’s impactful journey at Delta Life Science, where he merges his expertise in fluidics engineering with a culturally rich team environment to innovate the next generation of life science tools. Learn how his work and Delta’s inclusive culture are pioneering advancements in health technology.

Amirhossein’s Engineering Journey at Delta Life Science

Amirhossein Eghbalmanesh, a fluidics engineer with a PhD from Eindhoven, joined Delta Life Science at the beginning of the year. His transition to Delta marks a significant step in fulfilling his career ambitions, working in an environment that values innovation and teamwork.

At Delta, Amirhossein plays a crucial role in the R&D team, mainly focusing on developing a new generation instrument. “I’m directly involved in building an instrument that will eventually come to life, shaping the future of our technology,” he explains.

A Day in the Life

Coffee is an essential part of the routine at Delta Life Science, where most employees start their day with a cup of coffee and some small talk with their colleagues. Amirhossein, like many others, prefers to have his coffee during his team’s daily meetings. During these sessions, the team reviews their progress, discusses their objectives, and addresses any requests for help. Amirhossein notes that they plan ahead to ensure that they stay on track. His tasks at work are varied – sometimes, he works on computer-based documentation, and other times, he conducts lab experiments. Amirhossein enjoys the latter the most, as seeing their ideas come to life is exhilarating.

Team Dynamics

Amirhossein works on a team responsible for developing a new product. He appreciates that his colleagues come from different countries and are of different ages. “The team feels like a close group of friends. Our similar ages and life stages make connecting and supporting each other personally and professionally easy,” he remarks.

Furthermore, he often collaborates with various departments to improve product development. He enjoys working in the company’s supportive and efficient work culture, which fosters a real sense of teamwork among the employees. “We discuss, plan, and execute experiments together, which accelerates our progress and innovation,” he shares.

His team is currently developing and testing its latest creation. On the morning of the interview, Amirhossein highlighted the collaborative spirit that drives its advancements: “Just this morning, we reviewed the product concept and aligned strategies for the next phases during a company-wide meeting. It’s exciting to see where we are headed.”

Cultural Integration and Team Spirit

Delta’s culture is built on trust, honesty, open-mindedness, and respect. “These values are not just words; they are reflected in our everyday interactions and decision-making,” Amirhossein states. For instance, during a recent design deadline crunch, the teamwork and willingness to support each other exemplified Delta’s commitment to its principles. Also, it is reflected in daily and weekly interactions. One of Amirhossein’s standout moments was presenting the Persian New Year and sharing his culture with colleagues. “It was an uplifting experience that brought us all closer, celebrating diversity and learning from each other,” he reflects.

Amirhossein’s experience at Delta Life Science demonstrates the company’s commitment to fostering innovation in a supportive and diverse work environment. As a fluidic engineer, he can contribute to developing groundbreaking instruments while being part of a team that feels like a family. Amirhossein: “At Delta, we are more than just colleagues; we share meals, celebrate each other’s cultures, and work together to create products that make a difference.”