Enabling more.

For less.

Making label-free, multiplexed biosensing accessible to all.

Today’s Scientists. Need more answers, faster.

Not only do we make label-free biosensing accessible to all, we also accelerate research by at least a factor 4 compared to existing technology.

Bart de Boer – CTO​

Assay Developers

need to validate biomarker panels for next generation diagnostics.

Academic Researchers

want more data from precious samples to guide their research.

Pharma Scientists

aim to accelerate drug development by obtaining more data from more samples.

There are many more types of Life Sciences research that can benefit greatly from our label-free biosensing technology.

The enabling merits. Of Label-Free Biosensing.

Label-free biosensing allows real-time, direct detection in samples without tagging target molecules as opposed to classical methods like ELISA.


Studying interactions between biomolecules

Kinetics-screening for drug candidates

Selecting high-quality antibodies based on kinetics​

Developing rapid quantitative biomarker assays in real-time​

Still. The technology is limited.

Current technologies are optimised for a single feature like sensitivity, multiplexing, or cost.

While researchers need all three.

And because of costs. It’s not within every researcher’s reach.

Even though label-free biosensors can provide the answers needed by many scientists, due to the high instrument costs it is only used by users with a large capex budget.

Our first promise.

Accelerating research for everyone.

With novel biosensing technology, based on photonic integrated circuits, Delta Life Science accelerates research by at least a factor 4 compared to existing technology.

higher sensitivity

More data from the same precious sample


Speeds up the research by at least a factor 4​

higher sensitivity

>3x faster assay development workflows ​

Our Second Promise.

Making label-free biosensing accessible to all.

Not only do we accelerate the research, by cutting down cost of ownership by a factor 5, we make high-performance label-free detection accessible to any company.

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