We’re pleased to introduce the DeltaOne.

Welcome to the forefront of diagnostic innovation. DeltaOne, our first product, is designed with the scientific community in mind, offering unmatched speed, precision and versatility.

Built on a foundation of reliability and high performance, DeltaOne will deliver on our promise for researchers and industry professionals alike.

High Precision
With a baseline noise of just 0.01 RU, DeltaOne sets the standard for sensitivity and accuracy in diagnostics.

Multiplex Capability
Capable of 16-plex detection in a 4-channel flow cell, enabling comprehensive analyses with minimal sample volume.

Advanced Surface Technology
Offers a variety of surfaces including bare SiN and polycarboxylate hydrogels, with customization options like Streptavidin, Protein A/G, NTA, and Azide functionalities for tailored experiments.

Flexible Sampling
Supports 10 samples per run, excluding 2 running buffers and regeneration, across 4 fluidic channels for diverse assay configurations.

    User-Friendly Design
    A compact and efficient footprint (40x30x34 cm), and compatible analysis software for Windows ensure seamless integration into any lab environment.

    Fully Programmable
    Empower your research with fully programmable experiments, optimizing both workflow and outcomes.

    Specific questions?

    Leave us a message and we will be in touch shortly. We are always open share specifications regarding our instruments.