Innovation at the Fore: Pietro Trevisan’s Role at Delta Diagnostics

Join Pietro Trevisan on his journey at Delta Diagnostics, where his expertise as a mechanical engineer contributes to the development of groundbreaking health diagnostic tools. Discover how collaboration, diversity, and a commitment to innovation shape his day-to-day contributions and the company's ambitious goals.


As we put the final touches on our first product, we are already planning for the future. Even though we only assembled most of our team in January, we are already making significant progress on our second product. Pietro Trevisan, a junior mechanical engineer from Italy, is one of the experts working on this latest innovation. He has quickly become an essential team member, having joined only three months ago, and has been integral in its development.

“It’s about transforming ideas into real, functional systems,” Pietro says.

A Day in the Life

Pietro’s day begins with coffee with his colleagues, which he considers essential for kickstarting his morning.  “I’m not really awake until that first coffee,” he jokes. Also, he wants to check in with his colleagues. Then, he plans his day, experiments, and meetings to have an overview of what needs to be done. Between his hard work, he enjoys his lunch with all his colleagues, making them feel like a family. After a quick coffee break, he then returns to his duties, which usually end around 5:30 PM. He adds that the rhythm of his day helps keep everything moving smoothly. “The rhythm of the day helps keep everything moving smoothly,” he adds.

Pietro recently participated in a product concept review, aligning the team’s goals and strategies. His current focus is on prototyping and risk assessments, which are essential for refining the new system. “We’re ensuring every part of our new product meets the highest standards,” Pietro emphasizes.

Fruitful Collaborations

Collaboration plays a vital role at Delta. Pietro frequently collaborates with the software team to ensure that mechanical designs integrate smoothly with digital functionalities. According to Pietro, working with the software team helps to bridge the gap between mechanical concepts and their practical application. Delta’s informal communication style promotes open communication and the exchange of ideas. Pietro emphasizes that everyone’s voice is essential and valued at Delta.

Celebrating Diversity and Achievements

How do they maintain an open culture at Delta Diagnostics? The international team prides itself on learning from each other every day. “The variety of backgrounds in our team enhances our collaboration,” Pietro remarks, emphasizing the importance of diversity in driving innovation. Every new perspective adds value.”

At Delta, cultural celebrations are essential to fostering team bonding and appreciation for diverse traditions. “These events not only bring us closer but also deepen our cultural understanding,” Pietro notes. Celebrating important occasions for our colleagues, like Christmas, Ramadan, or Persian New Year, opens our eyes to new experiences and fosters mutual understanding.”

Commitment to Growth and Integrity

Choosing Delta over a larger firm, Pietro sought a place where he could grow and contribute meaningfully. “I see a clear path for personal and professional advancement here,” he asserts, highlighting the supportive and productive work environment. “Being part of Delta means having a real impact on our projects.” Pietro Trevisan exemplifies Delta’s commitment to innovation through a skilled and diverse workforce. His journey mirrors the company’s aim to impact global health diagnostics significantly, underlining the collective effort and individual growth opportunities at Delta. “At Delta, we’re not just working; we’re making a difference,” Pietro concludes.