High performance that is validated.

Various academic and industrial parties already rely on our prototype for their research and assay development. Interested in evaluating our prototype? 

Prototype Specifications

  • 16-plex detection
  • Single channel
  • 0.01 RU baseline noise
  • USB-fed
  • Analysis Software for windows
  • Fully programmable experiments 

DeltaOne. Tomorrow’s promise.

DeltaOne Specifications

  • Baseline noise 0.01 RU 
  • Number of spots per sensors: 16 
  • Number of fluidic channels: 4 
  • Number of samples: 10 (excluding running buffer and regeneration) 
  • Size: 40x30x34 cm (LxWxH) 
  • Flow rate: 1 – 500 uL/min 
  • Sample rate: 1 – 10 Hz 
  • Surfaces: bare SiN, polycarboxylate hydrogels with various lengths and densities, optionally functionalised with Streptavidin, Protein A/G, NTA, Azide (click chemistry) 
  • Conformity: CE
Note: preliminary specs that may be subject to change.